barnton & frodsham
angling club

Barnton & Frodsham Angling Club has a history going back for over eighty years. It controls the fishing rights over three pools and a stretch of the River Weaver at Anderton Nature Park and a small pool in the Cheshire countryside. The Club also owns a four-acre pool near the village of Whitley.

The Club, as do angling clubs in general, contributes to the environment, by undertaking work to maintain its fisheries and preserve habitats for wildlife that may otherwise be lost. Over the years a substantial number of trees and water plants have been planted by the Club, and again as a by-product of our activities, wildlife habitats have been enhanced. As a result the areas in and around our waters are home to a variety of birds, insects, amphibians and small mammals. An extensive programme of matches is held for the Club’s members throughout the season.