the club

Barnton A.C. was founded in 1939 when three disused brine storage reservoirs were leased from I.C.I. Ltd. Much work was undertaken to convert these pools into viable fisheries under the leadership of Chairman Cliff Etherington. Through the years various species of fish were introduced including common and mirror carp, which at the time were comparatively rare in the local area. Regular matches were held on the pools and a strong Junior Section was formed. More recently rights to a sixty peg stretch of the River Weaver were secured to offer more diversity to the membership. For a while the Club also held the fishing rights to further pools at Marbury but these sadly had to be relinquished when Marbury Country Park was extended.

Frodsham A.C. was established in 1975 after a three acre worked out sandpit was leased from McCalpines. The creation of stable banks and suitable access were gradually achieved along with the planting of numerous trees. Among the early fish stocking operations was the introduction of a substantial number of Rudd and Perch caught on rod and line from Trawsfynnyd Reservoir ! Over the years work continued and a solution to the difficult problem of fluctuating water levels was found. So impressed were the owners with the transformation of the site that they offered the Club the chance to buy the water at what could only be described as an absolutely bargain price.

With many members belonging to both Barnton A.C. and Frodsham A.C. , it was decided that the two organisations should amalgamate in order to achieve the dream of any small angling club, the ownership of its own water. In November 1996 therefore, both Clubs were formally wound up and the new Barnton & Frodsham A.C. was born. It was decided that the pool should be named after Les Heesom, the Club Secretary, whose hard work and dedication was a major factor in its eventual successful purchase.